Marking the Establishment of the Frankfurt-Tel Aviv Center for the Study of Religious and Interreligious Dynamics

Based on the city partnership between Frankfurt and Tel Aviv and as an integral part of their longstanding strategic academic cooperation, Goethe University Frankfurt and Tel Aviv University have initiated the establishment of a joint German-Israeli research center – the “Frankfurt-Tel Aviv Center for the Study of Religious and Interreligious Dynamics”. Scholars from Tel Aviv involved in different areas of research on religion, particularly the Center for Religious and Interreligious Studies, will join forces with Frankfurt-based scholars with different disciplinary backgrounds, who are currently working on a collaborative project entitled “Dynamics of Religion: Processes of Comprehension, Misapprehension and Understanding”. The goal of the new center will be to develop a new interdisciplinary and interreligious approach to exploring the history of entanglement between Judaism, Christianity and Islam and to addressing the three religions’ dialogical potential to deal with diversity, difference and conflict in current political and cultural constellations. The three speakers will present perspectives regarding the center’s research agenda and plans for the two universities’ teaching collaboration.